Why? Why not?

Why is it that when we talk about girls/women in engineering it usually seems to be in a negative context? Always hearing why girls don’t do engineering isn’t helping or encouraging us to get involved; I think it’s just reiterating the issue and discouraging us more! Being told why people like you choose not to do something is, I think, definitely not motivating.

I think it would be nice for girls to read why other girls, like me, do choose it!

1. The gender ratio, from a positive view!

The fact that there are few girls in the engineering sector should be relished by every girl wanting to pursue a career in it. Women are needed in the workplace to create a well rounded mental ability and are highly valued in the engineering industry, so you can be reassured you will not be over looked. Companies even have their own programmes in place to encourage women to join! The campaign to get girls into engineering has produced so many resources and opportunities for young women and we should make the most of it while they are there!                                                                         Seeing this window of opportunity gives us girls a chance to prove a point. We can do it and we will prove all the stereotypes wrong.

2. Endless opportunities

Engineering is not a narrow field of study, it opens so many doors. You could work in the UK, or abroad, or both! You could see so many different places and this is not just when you are working full time but at university as well. There are many universities that offer the opportunity to gain experience in industry during your degree at home or abroad; not to mention the chance of studying for a year in a different country! The career path is not just engineering; the mathematical and problem solving skills that an engineer can offer are sort after by lots of companies.

Personally, I also like the fact that I could end up anywhere and have a career I feel passionate about. It just motivates me more to make sure I get a good degree.

3. It’s worth it

Engineering is well known for it’s difficulty at degree level and the satisfaction you could get from completing a degree in a branch of engineering would be extremely worth it. Not to mention the satisfaction you get from the reaction people give you when you are a girl and you tell them that you study engineering at university! Trust me, it is a good feeling. As an added bonus the annual salary for an engineer is definitely easy on the eye!

Women and engineering are two words that fit together much better than they ever did before and now, it seems like a better time than any to get into engineering. Girls can do it.



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